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Construction of wooden houses – myths about Frame houses

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Opinions about frame houses are not unambiguous and have rather a negative tendency, which has been formed from a series of negative “myths” about them.

Myth 1.  It is believed that the Finnish house is not durable and safe, and the materials used are harmful to health. This is explained by the non-durability of the materials and our traditional weather conditions.
This myth has been formed since the beginning of the frame houses themselves. And let’s explain by the fact that the builders did not have enough experience in designing the given structures, and low-quality materials were used in the construction of wooden houses, and the necessary processing was not carried out. Now the situation has changed radically: extensive experience and developed technologies have been accumulated, the building materials market has expanded and is able to offer high-quality materials and processing tools. And you should not forget about the regular maintenance of the house, without it the most high-quality house will quickly become useless.
Myth 2.Prefab houses are considered not very durable and are prone to collapse after the slightest impact.
It is accepted to consider this due to the peculiarities of the frame construction, which divides the wall block into rectangular sectors. The given structure moves over time and collapses under the influence of strong wind. A rectangle is initially considered a loose figure. And solving the problem is quite easy – add diagonal edges to create a triangular shape. A triangle is the most rigid figure in geometry. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the finishing materials used. When finishing the exterior of the frame, it is necessary to use boards with high longitudinal rigidity.
Myth 3.Until now, frame houses are considered harmful.
And this can only be explained by the use of cheap finishing materials (OSB boards) and partition insulation (mineral wool), which are impregnated with various preservatives, which begin to be released over time and poison the human body. With the development of the market and technology, new materials have appeared that have replaced OSB boards – they are finishing CSP and SML boards, and polystyrene foam is successfully used instead of eco-wool. These materials are harmless to humans, and the physical characteristics do not yield to the original. The sale of frame-type wooden houses is reaching a new level thanks to the development of construction technologies.

Now frame houses should not be blamed for durability and harmfulness. Construction technology is constantly evolving, and construction materials are constantly improving. Houses have become durable, safe and relatively cheap, which makes them an ideal option for everyone!

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