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Concrete VS wood

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In recent years, the construction of frame houses has become a very popular decision, than the construction of low-rise buildings from concrete. Why even more people prefer frame technology?

The reason is not only in the fact that it allows you to save significant financial resources, or get a beautiful cottage in the shortest terms, but also in the fact that the construction of frame houses is carried out from such an ecologically clean material as wood.

Thanks to modern impregnations and compositions, wooden buildings can not be afraid of mold, fungus, or weather troubles. They are reliably protected from fire and have a guaranteed long period of operation. Having decided to buy a frame house, you save on money, but not on the quality and comfort of living.

Proponents of concrete construction often say that this material is more reliable and durable. And it really is. But only if you compare it with ordinary untreated wood. Modern ready-made frame houses are created from carefully multi-stage processed materials, which at the same time keep their ecological purity. In concrete walls and boxes, you will never be able to breathe as freely as in a room built with wood.

Concrete chips and dust can cause numerous diseases, the appearance of problems with the respiratory system, skin — you can list the possible consequences for a very long time. It often happens that in order to preserve health and cure them, a person is recommended to move to a tree house with its healthy atmosphere and favorable climate!

A tree is a gift of nature that cannot harm a person. Live comfortably in your new frame house!

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