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Stairs are an integral part of every two- and more-story house. Stairs not only have a relief function that helps you climb to the second floor of the house, but they are also a significant part of your interior.

Beautiful, well-constructed stairs will decorate any home project and become a reliable assistant in the daily operation of your home.

Our company offers you metal base stairs, as well as entrance ROOFS, balcony and terrace railings, fences, etc. design, manufacture and installation of metal structures.
The given configuration of the stairs, compared to wooden analogues, allows to significantly simplify the construction, which means – to reduce the cost of its production, as well as to use the most modern finishing materials, such as: stem, different types of stones, stainless steel and wood. Combining these materials with different types of LED lighting allows for excellent results.
The experienced specialists of our company will help you choose the best staircase configuration, which will use the free space of your house as effectively as possible, as well as find the most suitable design option for your budget.
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