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One of the advantages of a private house is an separate heating system built according to the owner’s wishes. Since the energy efficiency of the house directly depends on it, knowledge and calculation are required.

Heated floors

We offer installation of heated floors. This technology has long been known in the market of heating systems. It has several advantages compared to elements of traditional heating systems. Heated floors are characterized by safety and long service life, environmental friendliness, anti-allergic properties and even distribution of heat, preventing the formation of convection currents.

When we are talking about heating the whole house, then the electric field will consume a large amount of electricity. Therefore, the best solution is the liquid construction of the heated floor. It will significantly save energy, because the heating pipes are connected to the collector, which is supplied with hot water by the heating boiler.


Unlike choosing radiators for an apartment where radiators are connected to central heating, it is easier to choose them for a private house. It is enough to choose radiators that operate at low pressure. Since in the heating system of a private house hydrotreats are not so strong, then the choice of radiators is is quite large.

The main standards in the selection of radiators for a private house conformity of quality and price, with the maximum heat transfer coefficient


Heating boilers


When choosing a heating boiler, pay attention to the main stander: capacity and type of fuel.

The power is calculated based on the fact that 1 kilowatt is required for a 10m2 area with roofing up to 3 meters.

The heating boiler can run on liquid fuel (diesel), gas, electricity, solid fuel (coke, pellets, wood, coal, etc.)

Here the choice depends just on what is more profitable for you.

With the help of our specialists, a thermal engineering project is being collected. After that, the choice of heating system will become easier.