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Windows and doors

We currently offer PVC windows from 2 manufacturers – the Polish company Drutex and the German Kommerling.


If you choose windows from this manufacturer, we will install PVC six-chamber profile systems with three glasses and Maco fittings (read about it below). U = 0.95 W / M2K.

One of the main features of Kommerling profile production is the raw material. The company’s unique solution makes it possible to create a material that is shock-resistant and resistant to the negative effects of the external environment. For example, in a seaside climate, Kommerling windows do not oxidize and are not subject to erosion, while in cold regions they do not become brittle.

Any product of this manufacturer has received the Greenline label, thus confirming full compliance with environmental and health safety. Kommerling is one of the few companies that replaced lead required in production with harmless zinc and potassium. This had an impact on the price, but the high quality and improved performance are worth it.


If you choose this option, we will install PVC Drutex Iglo Energy seven-chamber profiles with three glasses and with the currently most modern Maco multi matic KS fittings, which are equipped with two anti-steal elements. U = 0.6 W / m2K.

The main feature of this manufacturer is the innovative insulation system, which is only available for Drutex windows. Iglo Energy provides windows with the world’s only Drutex patented window sealing method. In addition to EPDM gaskets, a central seal made of foam EPDM is used on the outside and inside of the window. The use of this technology guarantees excellent energy efficiency parameters.

MACO furniture.

MACO manufactures its products in Austria, in factories equipped with the most modern metalworking workbenches. Quality is ensured for 98% of production.

Windows with MACO fittings around the entire perimeter are protected from steal,. The windows are adjustable

a clamp that affects the insulation of windows. If desired, it is possible to install the RC 2N anti-steal, system.

Since the lifting mechanism is not visible

cheap with gears, you will feel the smooth sliding of the fittings without jumps and snags. The ease of operating the window is enhanced by the micro-lift and the blockers for improper opening of the window.

The functionality of our chosen product is confirmed for customers by the QM 328 and RAL-GZ 607/3 certificates.