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We offer any facade decoration.  Our main offer is façade decoration with plaster and wood.

Finishing the facade with plaster

A lot of attention is paid to the decoration of the facade, not only to give the house an aesthetic appearance, but also to give the house the best operational characteristics.

Finishing with plaster combines in itself both a pleasant appearance and high strength. When choosing mineral plaster, you also choose any color and frequency of the facade.

Modern plaster is resistant to sharp temperature changes, which is important in our latitudes. It does not lose its valuable qualities after several seasons with hot summers and cold winters. The plaster is also wet resistant and will not wash off in the rains.

Such a facade has excellent heat and sound insulation, usually this is the decisive stander when choosing the type of facade decoration.

Easy application of the typical solution, a wide range of colors and different textures with a reasonable price.

Wooden decoration

Facade decoration with wood is modern, stylish and environmentally friendly. This type of decoration – natural colors, surfaces and shapes – is chosen by lovers of natural beauty. Considering the unique, sound-absorbing properties of natural wood, its ability to breathe and retain heat, we safely recommend this type of facade decoration.

The possibility of replacing individual elements is also a big advantage. You will not have to spend a huge amount of time choosing the right shade of wood for the repair, if you need one. It will be enough if you take a tree of the same species – the shades will even out over time.

For an environmentally friendly, clean frame house, such a decoration is an excellent choice. The wooden coating will isolate irritating external noises, heat the house without creating a greenhouse effect, and give your house an excellent look.