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Roofing with metal plates

Roofing with metal plates, sheets or rolls is no more unsafe than wick roofing. It perfectly suppresses moisture for any roof slope, however, it does not have such a long service age. The zinc coating on the sheets does not protect against corrosion. For such a roof, to extend its service life, the anti-corrosion coating must be renewed regularly. It is believed that, with proper care, such a roof lasts for 25-30 years.

Unfortunately, metal roofing does not give the building the same elegance as tiles. However, due to the low price, people often choose this type of roofing, so we included it in our offer.

Bituminous tiles/shingles

Another cheap type of roofing is bitumen tiles – they look quite beautiful and neat. In addition, bitumen tiles are easy to assemble, perfectly adhere to the substrate material. It is recommended to use this roof covering if the roof slope is greater than 12 percent or if the project foresees a roof with sharp corners and curves. Flexible, flexible bitumen tiles will be perfectly laid in places where it would be impossible with another material. Of course, this does not affect the assembly price.

Currently, the market offers to match tiles to any home design. Such a roof lasts longer than a metal roof – from 50 to 100 years.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have been used in architecture for several hundred years and today they have not lost their popularity – it is very prestigious to use them. Ceramic coating has several advantages. Since only natural materials are used in production, such a roof is environmentally friendly. It is produced by molding, drying and firing. After re-firing, the clay plates, which contain a lot of iron oxide, acquire the traditional noble reddish hue.

Ceramic tiles will last more than 100 years. Such a roof is a great capital investment because the roof will last as long as the house itself. Over time, the color becomes even more saturated, the tiles – even more beautiful. Roof care requires minimal funds.

Since such roofing is heavy, it requires a thorough rafter system with large slopes so that the water can drain off quickly. The installation of ceramic tiles is purely manual work, so the installation costs are as high as the costs of the tiles themselves.

This is one of the most expensive roof coverings.

Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are cheaper than ceramic tiles, but they have the same positive properties. The service life of such roofing is 80-120 years. Iron oxide is used to give color. The roof is environmentally friendly. There is good sound insulation. Installation is a little simpler than in the case of ceramic coating, however, due to the weight, you should seriously think about a massive rafter system here as well.

Rannil’s cover

Roofing with metallic Rannila tiles has recently become very popular and is associated with thoroughness and quality. This product from a Finnish company will last for about 50 years and has an affordable price. Simple roof assembly helps to reduce costs. Unlike ordinary metal roofing, it is not so prone to corrosion.

The sound insulation of the roof is weak – you will hear the rain and birds very well.