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Architectural Company

KONAMI.LV is the largest official representative of the Polish architectural office ARCHON + in the Baltics.

The collection of the Polish architectural office ARCHON + includes more than 5000 projects of houses and cottages of various areas – from the smallest summer cottages to villas and residences.
We will help you find YOUR DREAM HOME .
We will help you find your dream home project. In any of these projects, you can include your desires and change them according to your requirements.

Architectural office EKONAMI.LV offers to prepare a house project for you in Latvian and ensure the necessary coordination for the start of construction.

We also offer to align and make the redevelopment of balconies, loggias and apartments .
Affordable prices, high quality and quick execution of work – with this EKONAMI.LV has the trust of its customers.