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The smart house

thanks to our reliable partners, we can offer a product of the elite segment of the market. In cooperation with the SmartHouse company, we install the “smart house” system in our frame houses at the customer’s order.

This system provides home control without human intervention. If you want your house to take care of you, and not the other way around, it is worth thinking about this system.

Life in a private house is beautiful, but it hides many difficulties. They are related to home security, redistribution of resources, care, order and warmth, etc. Thanks to the development of technology, all these problems have one solution that does not require hiring many people.


The security alarm system is configured according to your wishes, just like all the elements of the “smart home” system. Motion sensors will trigger against unwanted entry both into the house and the surrounding area. The computer avoids errors and the system’s reaction to animals. This is convenient, because if the alarm goes off, the message will be sent not only to the house owners, but also to the appropriate service – the police or security company, specifying the specific place where the intruder broke in.

Video surveillance, installed in the building and connected to the Internet, allows you to see what is happening in the house from anywhere in the world. At any time, you can view video recordings of everyone who enters the house. If the presence of cameras will cause you discomfort while at home, the cameras can be disabled.

If you are going on a long trip, an imitation of the presence of the owners will be created at home by turning on the lights in different rooms, playing music and imitating the barking of dogs.

Fire alarms and water leak sensors

Fire safety sensors will be placed throughout the house. In case of any security threats, the central computer will send a signal to the fire service, to your phone and the fire extinguishing system will be activated.

Monitoring of the water supply system is also provided, and any water leakage will be noticed in time and notified to the plumbing service.

Lighting and energy saving

Lighting is not just connecting lamps to a switch, but it is a whole complex of decisions that will not only create lighting that is pleasant for you, but will take care of the energy efficiency of your home. The “smart house” system foresees different scenarios with different settings. By pressing one button, you change the lighting of the whole house so that it is appropriate to work on the computer, to be suitable for parties, to be good for reading before going to bed. in bed time reading. A script can include anything. It will be difficult to forget to turn off the light in one of the rooms, it is enough to click “disable all” at the exit.

Climate control

The necessary conditions will be created in different rooms, consuming a minimum of energy.

The main computer

All home systems are controlled by a main computer. You can do whatever you want by simply approaching one of the screens, which, linked to the “multi” element, can be installed in every room.