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In Scandinavian countries and the USA, prefabricated panel houses have been the basic housing for more than a decade. So what is special about them?

Panel construction

There are two types of prefab buildings, they are panel houses and frame houses. Although at first glance it seems that they are similar, in reality this is not the case. And the thing is that the frame buildings are made directly on the construction site, but the panels for the panel houses are made in the factory. And on site they are assembled as a constructor. It is necessary to consider that the prices on the panel in the house are acceptable. Their basis is panels, which consist of the following components:

  • Double-sided frame, which is made of a board with a thickness of not less than 45 mm;
  • Insulator, which is in the form of a basalt fireproof board, with a thickness of 150 mm (there is another insulator, but this is the best)
  • Vapor insulation, which is embedded inside the panel;
  • Wind protection, which is sewn on the outside of the frame;
  • Internal and external finishing in the form of OSB boards.

But the outer crops is attached to the beams to have a ventilation gap.


Both small and larger panel houses can be built. Everything depends on the dimensions of the prepared panels. All prefabricated frame houses differ in the following advantages:

  1. Ease of assembly;
  2. Quite high heat efficiency;
  3. Any architectural form can be allowed for the house;
  4. Any materials can be used for decoration.


Do not forget that the prices for frame houses are not high. And not only for assembling them, but also for making frames. It should be noted that frame houses, unlike even wooden ones, do not freeze. But it is necessary not only to know where it is more profitable to build a panel house, but also how to assemble it correctly, so contact us. This can only be done by experienced specialists who assemble frame houses under the key practically every day, our specialists will be happy to assemble your house as well.


Our company has been engaged in the production and sale of such affordable cranes directly from the manufacturer for more than a year. Therefore, if you need a turnkey frame house, then we will make the frames, and then assemble them quickly, cheaply and with high quality.

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