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1. What is included in the manufacturer's package?

The manufacturer’s package include:

  •  external and internal wall framework;
  •  roof Rafter system (roofing is installed separately);
  •  polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows and doors to the terrace (six-chamber profile and two-chamber glass package with three selective glasses).
  • The technical project is offered for free

2. How long does it take to manufacture a house frame?

The average time to make a home frame is 6-8 weeks after signing the contract.

3. What part of works does the company provide?

We make wooden frame houses for our customers, as well as offer house construction works up to the “white” finish. According to the project, all construction works are carried out, which are discussed in advance with the customer, – construction of foundations, roof works, interior and furniture design with affordable price,

4. How long is the age of a wooden frame house?

The service life of such a house depends, first of all, on the quality of materials and assembly. The materials are obtained in a high-quality production process under the direct control of experts. Construction of wooden frame houses is carried out in accordance with all norms, technologies and EU standards.
Secondly, in our company, the work is carried out by professionals in their field. The age of the house frame is 100 years or more. During these years, the house will not lose its good qualities.

5. Is the house comfortable and warm in winter?

The frame house is manufactured in a factory according to the technical documentation, it will be incredibly warm even in the coldest winter months. We say with confidence that these houses are the warmest of all that are offered on the market today. A wooden house does not require time to warm up, at the same time it is able to keep heat for a long period of time.

6. How quickly can you move into the new house?

As experience , after signing the contract, it takes 4 to 6 months when you can completely move into the new wooden frame house.

7. what the heat I need for frame house?

It all depends on which country you plan to build your house.
For example, in the Baltic States it is better to use solid fuel or gas. In Norway, France and other countries with an unstable climate, electricity heating system is preferred.
If we are talking about the southern direction, like Italy or Malta, where heating is only needed a little, then the usual air conditioner will be enough.

8. Does our company provide other construction works?

Yes, our certificates and permits for construction-assembly works are valid only in the territory of Latvia. Our partners (construction companies) will help you prepare the construction site and will perform all the necessary work based on the project.

9. What is the price of the main package, the costs of various construction works and turnkey works?

If you already have ready drawings or a project with all dimensions, then you can send it to us for calculations. After receiving the documents, we will need up to 5 working days to be able to offer an optimal house model with all calculations and estimates.
In our office, we are ready to offer you more than 500 different options for modern frame projects. You can find some of them on our website www.ekonami.lv.
In order for you to know the specific amount of your project, please leave your message in the Contact section. You can send your questions to the e-mail info@ekonami.lv.
After that, within 2-5 days, you will receive a complete offer and necessary estimates, work schedules, technical descriptions.
You can also call us and ask your questions.

10. What is the cost of a manufacturer's frame frame package?

On our website, the price for each project is indicated, which includes the package described there. The price does not include transport costs, assembly costs at the specific construction site and other construction works.
This information is available on our website under Production, as well as from our sales managers.

List of technical supplies and services not included:

  • Foundations
  • Engineering networks
  • Interior decoration
  • Plumbing
  • Architectural project
  • House frame transportation expenses
  • Installation work

11. What are the costs of foundations and other works?

it is base on the construction characteristics, the prices for all works are different. This is why we cannot publish exact prices for everyone. However, by contacting our managers, you can find out a specific amount for your option.
Works such as pulling utility networks, interior (white) finishing, plumbing, etc. costs can only be calculated if there is a technical design or a work design. A lot depends on the equipment and the desired materials, which can affect the prices.

12. What guarantee is given for the frame of the house and the works performed by our company?

The warranty period for the manufacturer’s package is 10 years after the signing of the acceptance contract. The warranty includes all works and constructive elements.

13. do you offer full turnkey construction of a house ?

of course, we offer our customers the construction of a frame house up to “white finish” and “turnkey”, including all finishing works and landscaping.
The costs of construction and finishing works are calculated individually and largely depend on the customer’s requirements, the chosen finishing materials and equipment. After receiving and coordinating the technical task, our managers will make the necessary calculation.

14. Is it possible to buy a manufacturer's package for a wooden frame house from EKONAMI and do the construction myself?

Our company is ready to offer you a frame house package so that you can install it or build a house according to the technology of wooden frame houses up to “white finish” or “turnkey”.
We recommend that you should care when you chooseof construction materials with particular care and choose one that has successfully worked with similar projects at least once.

15. Are changes possible in the typical wooden frame house project?

Yes, if the scope and specification of the change is small, we are ready to do it completely FREE of charge. If the changes are large, then their calculation is performed separately both upwards and downwards.

16. Are there possible changes in the main positions of the house project?

All our house package are designed in such a way that it is easier to navigate according to the cost depending on the package and the amount of delivery. According to your requirements and wishes, it is possible to include and remove any position. The package can be expanded or reduced according to your wishes. Our managers will offer you a questionnaire in which you will fill in all desired positions, as well as choose manufacturers, colors, complete models, etc.
Work documentation can be obtained for any of the typical projects we offer.
You also have the opportunity to order an individual project according to your technical task, which our design department will implement in the shortest possible time.

17. are you offer ready-made houses?

As we respect the privacy of our clients, fully completed projects with full finishes are not shown. We are ready to offer our potential customers to view already high completion houses.
During this inspection stage, you will be able to personally view all planning solutions, sizes, quality, materials, work level and construction stages.