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Frame wooden house – eco-friendly housing

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Building a house from bricks is quite long and also expensive. If time is limited and the budget does not allow for large expenditures, then the construction of frame technology should be considered. A ready-made wooden house has a whole series of advantages that must be considered in more detail.

The main advantages of frame houses

Modern one-story wooden houses, as well as buildings with two or three floors, which have many advantages, still put ecology first. The residential house consists of only natural materials that do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Other good features of the house are:

– Affordable price. The materials are not expensive, you can buy them wherever you want. Nevertheless, there is no need for a basic foundation. You can get by with the moaning of inexpensive posts.

– Construction in the shortest terms. If someone wants to get a residential house on hisland in the shortest possible time, frame construction technology will compensate for such a situation. A frame wooden house under the key is built from one week. Everything depends on the square meters of the building and the specifics of the design;

-No need for shrinkage. It is also possible to look at a simple wooden house, but it has such a disadvantage as the need for bending.

– Age of the house. The desire to buy a wooden house, which will be built according to frame technology, will be quite useful. Its service life is no less than 60-70 years;

– Simple layout. You want to tear down a wall and combine two rooms into one, or vice versa, – all these actions can be done easily and simply. Serious complex are excluded, and financial costs will be minimal.

– The last advantage is variety. Today you can find ready-made frame wooden houses with any area and the desired number of floors and rooms.

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