Economy class compact house with 3 bedrooms and a fireplace. An utility room is planned, which can be used both as a wardrobe and as a storage room.

The interior is characterized by a clear division into areas of use. Relaxation areas – a bright living room with a fireplace and a comfortable sofa, large windows overlooking the garden. The kitchen has a large work surface and storage space. The private part of the house has comfortable and bright rooms and a functional bathroom. Despite its small size, the house has everything to make living comfortable.

Kas ir iekļauts ražotāja komplekta mājas cenā?

  • Insulated house frame of external walls, material for internal partitions (not assembled), frame of load-bearing partitions if provided for in the project)
  • Roof structure (Roof trusses), roof film, vertical lath, without roof covering (to be installed separately)
  • Windows and doors PVC
  • Technical inspection reports

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List of technical supplies and services not included:

  • Foundations
  • Engineering networks
  • Interior decoration
  • Plumbing
  • Architectural project
  • House frame transportation expenses
  • Installation work

All of the above are by separate agreement.

House Net area
without without boiler room 86,85 м 2
Total house area 89.99 м 2
Building size 121,35 м 2
Boiler room area 3.14 м 2
Floor area 89.99 м 2

Total area 118,83 м 2
Size 647,93 м 3
Building height 6,67 м
Minimum land plot 21,5 х 17,6 м
Min. adaptation dimensions 19,5 х 16,6 м

First floor plan

1.first floor 89,99
1. Entrance hall 4,27
2. Hall 6,47
3. Boiler room 3,14
4. Kitchen 10,40
5.Live room +Eating room 21,59

6. Toilet 1,48
7. Room 12,04
8. Room 11,96
9. dressing room 3,23
10. Room 10,20
11. Bathroom 5,21



Property Features

  • Boiler room
  • cabinet
  • fireplace
  • Kitchen open plan
  • Pitched roof