A unique individual project! Two-story house 150 m2

Wooden frame, ecologically clean house.

White facade finish with tinted wood paneling elements for an effective look. The project is modern, kept in the style of a Barn House, and differs in simple forms – gable roof, rectangular shapes and large windows.
The interior is made with panoramic windows, a fireplace and a sofa. No extra expenses for designer services. The sloping roof with rolled profile covering!

Frame house according to a technology developed especially for the Nordic countries, with increased wall insulation (Knauf 200mm) and heat-saving energy-efficient windows (6-chamber PVC Komerling (Germany) profile and 3-pane double-glazed window)

Package included ?

  • Exterior and interior house frame
    Roof structure (Rafter system), without roofing (installed separately)
  • Windows and doors PVC
  • Technical inspection reports

List of technical supplies and services not included:

  • Foundations
  • Engineering networks
  • Interior decoration
  • Plumbing
  • Architectural project
  • House frame transportation expenses
  • Installation work

All of the above are by separate agreement.


If you have any questions or quotations, please call or email us!

Property Features

  • Balcony terrace
  • Kitchen open plan
  • Pitched roof